Maria da Luz

Dancer, choreographer, educator, movement director

My Philosophy

is innate to human beings and is a basic form of individual and cultural expression. In my eyes, dance is in all life forms, is in everything that surrounds us.
I believe, everyone has the right to express themselves and enrich their lives through dance.
I aim to facilitate opportunities for people to experience dance as creators, performers and spectators, cultivating a sense of community and integrity, a place in which each person can find their own voice and their own place, regardless of age, background and abilities. A non-hierarchical social and cultural approach underpins this work.

     Classes and Workshops

DaLuzDance offer a variety of classes and workshops suitable for all ages and abilities ranging from professional dancers, adults, early years (babies and parents, 3-5 y olds), children, youth, older people and people with physical and learning disabilities.

The invitation is for you to find your level of challenge and comfort, according to your abilities. 

Maria da Luz regularly teaches for Greenwich Dance, Trinity Laban and taugh at Tripspace and The Place.

Sessions range from technique class and workshops in contemporary, jazz, African Peoples Dances, choreography and devising based on Maria da Luz’ creative practices.

Proposals for classes, workshops or residencies are welcome.

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“Thanks so much Maria for a brilliant class. I feel much better now than before - energised, expansive, supple. All the breathing work really helped. Also the movements were perfect for my small sitting room, I had thought it might be difficult. See you next week. "

Dancing to the Music of Time participantGeneral class

'I found the technique extremely helpful for improving my core stability and balance. I included some of the exercises in my work out and warm up. Maria has a very natural approach to teaching which has made me feel very comfortable in class.'

Class Participant

The Horton with Maria da Luz (a spirited and wise teacher); she created a community with us all, mindfulness, presence, strength and endless challenge'

Contemporary class participant