Is a dance piece about woman’s inhumanity to woman.
While women may not act aggressively in the same way men do, studies have confirmed that girls and women are aggressive, often in indirect ways and mainly towards each other. Although most women love and rely upon each other for support and understanding, contemporary women also mistrust, dislike and are cruel toward each other, within families and at work.  This piece examines the relationships between mothers and daughters, sisters and mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. These relationships are set in a boxing ring defining the arena for the plot to develop. The boxing ring acts as a legal platform for these women to express their feelings, grudges and values.

The bell rings! Change of clothes, change of character.
The referee acts as a Joker and the coaches fuel and instigate the fight. The women begin the rounds slowly removing their social masks and cunningly revealing their dark side. Who will be the winner and what trophy will she get? Who will you cheer for? Cinderella or the stepmother?
The musician plays the score and at times acts as an obstacle between the two women, preventing the fight from
spinning out of control. I draw on studies of anthropology, myths and fairy tales, as well as from Brechtian ideas on performance.
The use of text and film will be used to enhance and complement the piece.


Author Maria

Maria da Luz began her training in Portugal receiving a bursary at Rui Horta Dance School, later studying at Forum Dança working with international choreographers such as Vera Mantero, Meg Stuart, Joao Fiadeiro and Francisco Camacho. She then gained a BA honours in Dance Theatre from Trinity Laban. As a performer, she has worked with various companies including the original cast of The Lion King working with Garth Fagan as ensemble and dance captain, Kokuma Dance Theatre including Patrick and Germaine Acogny, Seven Sisters and Jeanette Brooks, among others. She has choreographed and performed her work across the UK.

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