A woman,

A white wall,

A paintbrush,




Breath becomes sound, movement becomes mark.

Source: Luke Hart
Source: Luz | All Rights Reserved

Artists and poets have long thought about the Moon‘s influence on living creatures, and in particular, on women’s cycles. 


A Conversation Between Me and the mOOn emerged as an extract from  A Tree Without Leaves, as I aimed to investigate my personal internal landscape, making visible the invisible. I began to incorporate my longtime interest in mark making as an abstract way of expressing movement, thoughts and feelings.

A Conversation Between Me and the mOOn has been performed at Chisenhale Dance Space, Draw to Perform and Moving Pieces.


Author Maria

Maria da Luz began her training in Portugal receiving a bursary at Rui Horta Dance School, later studying at Forum Dança working with international choreographers such as Vera Mantero, Meg Stuart, Joao Fiadeiro and Francisco Camacho. She then gained a BA honours in Dance Theatre from Trinity Laban. As a performer, she has worked with various companies including the original cast of The Lion King working with Garth Fagan as ensemble and dance captain, Kokuma Dance Theatre including Patrick and Germaine Acogny, Seven Sisters and Jeanette Brooks, among others. She has choreographed and performed her work across the UK.

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