I am a dancer, choreographer, educator and movement director working through multidisciplinary arts from around the world to develop intercultural awareness performance. 

I was born in Portugal, of Cape Verdean descent. Cape Verde, sometimes referred in ancient times as the “Fortunate Isles”. A former Portuguese colony where European and African traditions meet, the constant flow of migration bring news and trends, where the warmth of the people co-exist with the beautiful, but harsh landscape.

I grew up singing and dancing the Cape Verdean morna, as well, as the Portuguese fado, both intrinsically and emotionally connected. I now live in London and create work inspired by the stories of my family and our relationship with the land.

My artistic practice incorporates dance and movement with aspects of visual arts, singing and storytelling integrating elements of my ancestral history through the eyes of a woman living in contemporary Britain. I explore post colonial history and its impact on nature, culture and identity.

I use my practice as a way to reconcile separate aspects of my identity as a woman of mixed heritage, through ongoing performances and workshops.

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