Mondays 12.30-13.30, A Place to Pause, Online, Zoom, DaLuzDance

Tuesdays 14.30-15.15, Drawing Movement, Online, Zoom, DaLuzDance

Tuesdays 19.30-21.00, Adult Performance Company,  Plumstead Centre, Greenwich Dance

Wednesdays 10-11am,Wellbeing Class, @ Plumstead Centre and 16.00-17.15 @ Woolwich Library, Greenwich Dance, Free

Thursdays, Rooted Roots, Africanist Contemporary dance class, 17.30-18.45,  Online, Zoom, DaLuzDance

Thursdays, Contemporary class, 10-11am and 19.-20.15, Online, Zoom, DaLuzDance

Fridays, Dancing to the Music of Time, over 50s creative dance class, Charlton House, Greenwich Dance